Frequently Asked Questions
I am a member of Corbett Heritage since 1997 and I have never used my membership, how do I make best use of it?
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The Corbett Heritage Vacation Ownership programme (also known as timeshare membership) works like the membership of any social club in a city. The best benefit you can derive from it is by making use its membership features as often as possible, that is, by taking a vacation for at least 1-week every year with your family & friends. For making your holiday bookings you can either send us your request through the Make a Holiday Request section on this website or call us on our telephone numbers on the Contact Us page or simply by sending us an email at
I have not taken any vacation using this membership, how many weeks are there in my account?
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Currently, Corbett Heritage saves for its members 2 weeks against the past 2 years and 1 week against the current year provided the member has not already availed them. This means that in 2006 a member will have to his / her credit a maximum of 3 weeks with Corbett Heritage i.e. 1 of 2006 (current) + 2 of 2005 & 2004 (past). You can avail a maximum of 3 weeks vacations during the year subject to availability at the desired locations / resorts. 

Once Corbett Heritage declares its own property operational this facility of saving previous years weeks will not be available. Then a member can only use the current year's week and all previous weeks will automatically lapse at the end of each year.
Can I request a vacation at anytime of the year irrespective of my season entitlement?
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At this time vacations are booked for members on first come first served basis subject only to availability. Which means that as long as there is availability we will be happy to confirm your vacation for you without considering your season band or week no. entitlement. However, should a member with a higher season entitlement request the same resort and same week as requested by you then preference will be given to that member. Red season members get the highest preference followed by White and finally Blue. Please note that occupancy is always subject to availability in the first place. 

However, once Corbett Heritage's own property is declared operational we will follow season bands and week no. entitlements strictly.
Can I request a unit / an apartment larger than the one I own?
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Yes you can request for a larger apartment / unit than the one your membership entitles you to as the long as the same is available. However, you will have to pay the difference in the charges.
How many persons are entitled to use my unit / apartment?
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For a Two Bedroom Apartment membership the occupancy entitlement is for 4 adults and 2 children up to 12 years of age sleeping in the living room on the sofa cum bed (total 6). For One Bedroom Apartment membership the entitlement is for 2 adults and 2 children up to 12 years of age sleeping in the living room on the sofa cum bed (total 4). For a Studio Apartment the entitlement is for 2 adults and 2 children below 5 years of age.Please note that the occupancy limits vary from resort to resort, in the RCI network.
Can I send my friends in my place for a vacation?
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Yes you can gift your vacation to your friend by taking a confirmation in their name from Corbett Heritage. At present there are no gift certificate charges for the same. 

However for an RCI exchange the same is only possible by purchasing a gift certificate in the name of your friends / relatives for which a charge is applicable. Check the RCI Fee Structure for the current rates.
Can I rent / sell my vacation week to someone else?
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The weekly vacation you obtain through your Corbett Heritage membership can be rented out or sold to another person with prior permission from the Corbett Heritage management / Developer. The rights obligations and privileges of the beneficiary remain identical to yours under the Corbett Heritage Membership Agreement / Rules and Regulations. At present there are no additional charges applicable for the same. 

However, please note that you cannot rent or sell an exchange obtained thru RCI as that will amount to a violation of the RCI Membership rules and your membership is liable to be cancelled.
Can I sell my membership of Corbett Heritage?
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Yes, your Corbett Heritage membership can be sold to another person with prior written permission from the Corbett Heritage management / Developer. A format for transfer of membership can be requested from Corbett Heritage who will then issue a new certificate on their complete satisfaction. The buying Member will acquire rights and privileges identical to the selling member and nothing different. At present there are no charges applicable to a transfer / sale of membership.

However, transfer of an RCI membership is at the sole discretion of RCI.
Will Corbett Heritage buy my membership back from me / refund my membership value?
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No, unfortunately Corbett Heritage is not involved in the activity of purchase or sale of its own memberships at present due to the disintegration of the timeshare buyers market.

This membership is similar to a social or city club membership hence non-refundable in its very nature. It must never be viewed as a financial investment made for returns. The best returns this membership has to offer is in the form of a lifetime of joyful, memorable and quality vacations that a member can take throughout the world at very reasonable charges.
What is the construction status of the Corbett Heritage resort at Ramnagar?
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Unfortunately due to the decline in the timeshare market, the completion of Corbett Heritage was held up at a very critical stage. With a 50,000 sq. ft. building standing tall on a 10 acre plot on the main national highway leading to Jim Corbett National Park it is indeed a very unfortunate situation for both the Members as well as the Developers. However, the Developers have fulfilled their commitment and obligation towards their Members by making an alternative resort available (usually more than 1 resort) for their members and fulfilling almost all the holiday requests received from them.

However the Developers are committed to delivering a fully operational resort very soon and are working hard towards the same. At this time Members are free to request their vacations either at another RCI resort outside Corbett Park or at any other resort thru the RCI network.
Will Corbett Heritage help me in renting out my occupancy week?
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Unfortunately at this time Corbett Heritage is not in the business of renting out weeks to other vacationers on behalf of its members.
How can I make my AMC payment?
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You can either send a cheque or draft in favour of “Ocean Impex Limited” payable at New Delhi or you can also use our secure payment gateway “Paypal” on this website to make an instant credit card payment. Cash payments are only accepted against valid receipts issued directly by the company.
When is my Annual Management Charge due for payment by me?
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At this time the Annual Management Charges are to be paid only at the time of confirming a vacation. However, once Corbett Heritage declares its own property operational the same will automatically become due on August 1 of each year for the following calendar year. This means that AMC payment for the calendar year 2007 would be due on August 1, 2006. Non payment of the same can lead to cancellation of membership.
What is the current Annual Management Charge (AMC) for my membership?
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The present AMC rates are
2 Bedroom Apt. - Rs.4500/- per week
1 Bedroom Apt. - Rs.3500/- per week
Studio Apt. - Rs.2500/- per week 
What if I fail to make my Annual Payment Charges when a demand is raised?
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Failure to make even a single Annual management Charge upon demand will lead to cancellation of membership without any right of refund accruing to the member.
Can I transfer my membership to a family member or a friend?
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Yes you can subject to prior written permission from Corbett Heritage and after completing the documentation formalities required for the purpose. Please speak to a Corbett Heritage officer in this regard.
What is RCI and what role does it play in my Corbett Heritage membership?
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RCI stands for Resort Condominiums International which is an independent international exchange organization giving its members the facility to exchange their vacation weeks with other resort members all over the world. RCI is a subsidiary of Cendant Inc. of USA and has over 400 resorts worldwide affiliated to it. Its office in India is in Bangalore. You can obtain their contact information by clicking here.

With an RCI membership you can take a vacation in any of their affiliated resorts against your own occupancy week at Corbett Heritage and on payment of an exchange fee. Your Corbett Heritage membership entitles you to occupancy only at Corbett Heritage, all other resort bookings can only be made with RCI thru your RCI membership.
I have not renewed my RCI membership for a long time, what do I do?
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No problem, RCI does allow its members with lapsed memberships to renew their membership upon payment of a small Revival Fee. Check details with RCI.
How do I take an exchange thru RCI?
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First, please ensure your membership with RCI is active and not lapsed. RCI typically has 2 types of exchanges available with them. 

Bonus Exchange for which you are not required to deposit any week with them and these can be confirmed by calling them directly and checking the availability of the desired location on a bonus exchange basis. These exchanges are usually more expensive with fewer availability.

Regular Exchange for which you will first need to request Corbett Heritage to deposit a week in your RCI membership account against payment of the AMC charges. Then you can call RCI directly and request a REGULAR exchange thru them to your desired location.

Lately RCI has also introduced the concept of package holidays to exotic destinations and also prime metropolitan cities for which a package cost is required to be paid. RCI has also opened a travel club for its members for air / rail ticketing, car rental options and theme park tickets etc.
Can I take an exchange from RCI without actually depositing a week with them?
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Yes this can be done in the form of a Bonus Exchange which are usually restricted in terms of location and resort choices and availability. Also the RCI Fee for such exchanges is higher and usually varies depending upon popularity of the destination & resort as well as the intended season of travel (demand).
What are RCI's fees for taking an exchange?
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These fees are explained in our RCI Fee Structure section and are subject to change every year usually in the month of January.
What is the significance of the various season bands Red, White & Blue in my membership?
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The season bands specify your entitlement for occupancy as a member. A Red season member can travel throughout the year in any season (peak, middle or off-peak seasons) subject to availability of space. While a White season member is only entitled to travel during the middle and off-peak seasons while a Blue season member can only travel in the off peak season. Presently out of the 50 occupancy weeks in a year (2 weeks are reserved for maintenance) Corbett Heritage has classified its weeks into 28 Red Season weeks, 14 White Season weeks and 8 Blue Season weeks. This week classification chart has been decided and approved by RCI for Corbett Heritage. Please remember all occupancies / confirmations are issued subject to availability irrespective of your entitlement.